A vision of balance


Committed to creating a beneficial impact on people and the environment we have given substance to our vision of balance between economic development and social-environmental responsibility.

We believe that doing business today means not only make a profit, but also engage socially offering a sustainable future, a deeper commitment for our customers and partners and a healthier contribution to our planet.

For every notebook you purchase from us, we give a portion of our profits to the non-profit organization Balanced View.

Balanced View offers a new and vital education in the nature of mind, allowing us to realize our greatest potential and to be of benefit to all. This grassroots movement empowers people around the world to see their strengths and talents and contribute them for the benefit to all, enjoying increasing happiness and joy and tapping into their potential for living life in a deeply caring and beneficial way.

We are grateful for the support of our community that enables us to give back to this beautiful organization making a difference to the world.

Read more about Balanced View at www.balancedview.org